Friday, April 3, 2015

Harris County Fraud Attorney | Theft, Shoplifting, Forgery Defense

Harris County Fraud Attorney
Harris County Fraud Attorney
Harris County Fraud Attorney Andy Nolen has over 22 years experience representing persons accused of committing criminal violations of State and Federal law.

Harris County Fraud Attorney Attorney Andy Nolen treats every person they represent as if they were a friend and neighbor.   When you call, likely Andy Nolen will answer your call himself.  You will be dealing with Attorneys, not secretaries, assistants, or answering machines.

If we can be of any assistance, or you just want to talk about your situation, please call Harris County Fraud Attorney Andy Nolen at 832-480-8951.




Sec. 32.01.  DEFINITIONS.  In this chapter:

(1)  ”Financial institution” means a bank, trust company, insurance company, credit union, building and loan association, savings and loan association, investment trust, investment company, or any other organization held out to the public as a place for deposit of funds or medium of savings or collective investment.

(2)  ”Property” means:

(A)  real property;

(B)  tangible or intangible personal property including anything severed from land;  or

(C)  a document, including money, that represents or embodies anything of value.

(3)  ”Service” includes:

(A)  labor and professional service;

(B)  telecommunication, public utility, and transportation service;

(C)  lodging, restaurant service, and entertainment;  and

(D)  the supply of a motor vehicle or other property for use.

(4)  ”Steal” means to acquire property or service by theft.